The Paddle Camp System

The Paddle Camp System (P.C.S.) is a simple, yet very effective method for making paddle as easy as possible. The P.C.S. will help you elevate your game to your next level.

P - Positioning

Learn the best positioning based on specific games situations for your and your partner.

C - Compete

Learn to compete and use the best strategies based on your strengths and weaknesses.

S - Shot Selection

Learn the best shot selection based on your (and your opponents’) specific position on the court.

About Us

The Paddle Camp began in 2018 with one focus in mind: Help players of all levels maximize their potential and improve their knowledge of the game. We want all campers to learn their best shot selection based on their specific position on the court and recognize weaknesses in their opponents’ game by having complete awareness of positioning and styles of play.

TPC is committed to the growth and improvement of our campers. Juan Arraya and Patricio Misitrano, two of the leading instructors of platform tennis in the country, have developed a game based approach that focuses on a complete understanding of the game rather than executing specific shots without a game plan. They are assisted by some of the top female and male players and instructors in the country.


The Paddle Camp mission is to help players of all levels maximize their potential and improve their knowledge of the game.


The format of each day’s instruction includes learning specific strategies, shot selection/placement, and game implementation and tactics. Each learning segment is concluded with a game based approach. All aspects of the game will be incorporated, including advanced strategies for both the net team and baseline teams.

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